Gill Sahab Fuel Trading L.L.C company is one of the most prominent fuel trading companies in the UAE. We supply premium quality low sulfur diesel fuel with efficient distribution across the United Arab Emirates.

We Provide Best Quality & Quantity Service ADNOC 10 PPM Supplier.

Gill Sahab Fuel Trading L.L.C, the leading fuel trading company in the UAE, is engaged in making available premium-quality diesel fuel through a dedicated chain of retail outlets. Our skilled professionals in the oil sector in UAE always strive to deliver the best service to our customers. We have well-equipped vehicles to support transportation and we aim to provide fuels in a cost-effective way that is productive for both of us. The quick and prompt delivery of fuel across the UAE helps us to nurture a healthy and long-lasting relationship with our customers.

We are recognized for our quality and efficient delivery services across the United Arab Emirates. Since we have well qualified and certified managers and drivers to perform transportation services for a huge amount of diesel to any corner of the UAE makes us one of the leading diesel trading company in UAE

Our specialties

  • Carefully loading/unloading of products
  • Full moving consultancy
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Transparent moving solutions
  • Low-cost moving charges
  • Efficient transport facility
  • Vast storage facility

Diesel / Gas Oil

Premium quality, low Sulphur automotive Diesel fuel for high-speed diesel powered engines, generator sets and other industrial applications, which ensures high grade performance levels. Diesel /  Fuel and DNOC 10 PPM



Superior grade Product used for heating, lighting and refrigeration applications. Also used in Carbon dioxide plants and other industrial applications.

Fuel Oil

Wide range of residual fuel oil, usually black in color, for various industrial use. Marine engines, firing of boilers & furnaces and large central heating applications, Diesel /  Fuel and ADNOC 10 PPM.


In tune with the customer, we cater all type of lubricating requirements such as Automotive, Industrial, Marine and specialty products.

Bunker Supplies

Fuel Trading offers a range of Distillate Fuel such as  for use in Auxiliary engines and Residual fuel such as Intermediate Fuel Oil for main engines.

Transportation Services

Equipped with a fleet of road tankers, we undertake the bulk overland transportation of fuel for various Oil companies in U.A.E. on contract basis.